Monday, 2 March 2009

The Taipei Tralala: Cow Hunting at 101

If anyone asks me what I did in Taipei this time around, I'll answer them - I was hunting cows.

Which was true, to some extent. You see, I was staying in the city center this time around, and around the parks and malls around the Taipei 101 building, there were all these... COWS. not just cows - BRIGHTLY PAINTED COWS, some in all sorts of bizarre positions.

Apparently, in conjunction with the Lunar New Year (it's the Cow year, in case you forgot already), the city held some sort of art thingy where they got people to decorate these plastic cows anyway they like, and then displayed them all over the city center.

So, what better activity for a bored journalist to do in a city I've been before, but to go around the place looking for these cows and taking pictures of the weirdest looking ones? What? Work you say? What's that?

Anyway, this is the sign for the Cow Parade. I thought it was cute.

What was CUTER, was the signs that were on the cows themselves, which warned people not to damage, mount or climb the cows. Buahaha.

Anyway, this were the first ones I saw:

My favorite was the Dragon one, which had some cool paintings of animals on it. Too bad about the name though. It was called - GuanGong Protets Taipei With Four Holy Beasts, which sounds great in Chinese, but a damn mouthful in English.

In the same park, there was also a cow that was a dumpling:

and a soft drink:

Don't ask.

My next favorite one was this one called Vanishngcow - which was covered with keyboard keys spelling cowcowcowcowcowcowcow over and over again. Don't ask me what it means though.

And then there was this revolving cow, which you could turn half its body. a bit bizarre though, and the split in half cow is scary looking.

There was also this acupuncture cow which had all the acupuncture points marked all over it. Not sure if they were points for the cow or humans though...

Most of the cows were dressed up quite prettily, and strangely, mostly as girls. Here's one with lipstick on:

And another with a CORSET on. Er.... ok.

And then, there were the corporate sponsors, which of course had a lot more budget to play around with so they made their OWN cows. There's a cow that was a goalkeeper:

with a globe and phone:

And coolest of all (David Lian would love this one)... the Nokia 5800 Cow!

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