Monday, 16 March 2009

Take a Gambit on Some New Wolverine Character Shots!

Awesome.... new character pics of Wolverine's new mutants!

And here they are, courtesy of USA Today (Click the link HERE for the bio and history behind the characters in the movie...):

Ok, we get it. You've got claws. Stop showing them off in EVERY SINGLE BLOODY PICTURE already.

Oh dear... As if hardcore X-Men fanboys didn't have enough of fangirls swooning over the COMIC Gambit already...

THAT'S Deadpool? Where's his mask?

I kinda liked the first one better, though Sabretooth looks a lot smarter than the wrestler one in the first X-Men. Well, as long as they don't go down the "Wolvie... I AM your father.." path, it should be good I guess.

Oooh hot. Does she take her kit off?

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