Friday, 8 May 2009

A Flooded End to a Crazy Two Weeks

Yes, I've been a BAAAAD blogger. I've been too damn lazy and/or caught up with work that I can't be arsed to think of something I particularly want to blog about these days. Hence the number of Filler Posts Disguised As Proper Updates lately.

It's also been a crazy past two weeks. In between flying to San Francisco to visit Pixar Animation Studios (more on that trip later), my baby nephew Aiden, and flying back just in time for my own birthday party, and then flying off the next day for a much needed holiday it was already a mad, mad sequence of events as it is.

Mana tau, two hours before we were about to board the plane to Langkawi, I got a call from my parents telling me my house was FLOODED. yes, FLOODED.

Long story short, a pipe burst in my house, and thanks to a combination of uneven floors and unfortunately clogged drain holes, there was a half-inch deep flood in my living room, bedroom and library. All my movie posters are gone (except for maybe 1/8 of them) and some of the furniture too. Books, toys and electronics are safe though, thank god.

My living room looks like disaster central now. All the furniture has been upended and turned upside down to dry, and I've had to heart-brokenly throw out almost my entire movie poster collection. That's five years worth of collecting, and an estimated collective worth of at least RM2000 for the whole collection. SIGGGHHHH.

Happily, after two days of drying, the furniture is finally dry again, albeit a little fucked up at the bottom. Time to get back to rearranging the furniture, and maybe jig things round a little. If there are any positives to the whole disaster, it's that at least my floor is nice and clean, and I was forced to throw out some stuff that I would otherwise be too damn sentimental about to do so otherwise.

It's like I was moving in all over again. Hmmm, maybe I should have ANOTHER drunkened re-housewarming party after everything is done. YAY!

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