Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Angels & Demons Has Better Hair Than Da Vinci Crap

Angels And Demons.
Not a Review.
Better than Da Vinci Crap
MUCH better, actually.
Better plot,
Better pace,
Better puzzles,
Better Hanks,
Better hair...

Maybe because I didn't bother reading the book this time.
Would I have enjoyed Da Willy Code
Dialog still felt a bit forced.
But not a bad ride actually.
The puzzles were a lot more interesting,
And the clues were harder, I think.
Or maybe it's because I'm more familiar with the Rome landmarks.

But whatever.
I've always been a sucker for good puzzle movies.
And movies where the heroes go treasure hunting,
Or following clues to a puzzle.
Da Vinci Crap wasn't very good in that department.
The first National Treasure was not bad.
The second one was crap.
Angels & Demons was so so.

Tom Hanks more convincing in this one.
The last one you kept getting distracted by his stupid hairstyle.
The chick quite hot also.
No cleavage rating, but she's cute.
Not as cute as Audrey Tautou, of course.
And oh look, it's Obi Wan!
From Jedi to priest.
It's like going from one religion to the other!

Do I want to read the book now?
Hell no.
I HATED Da Vinci Code,
So much that I've sworn off Dang Brown's books.
Maybe that it's a good thing I didn't read this book.
Maybe I have enjoyed the movie more because of that.

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