Friday, 15 May 2009

It was BIG, it was BAD, and it Wolfed down all my money

Went to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale yesterday around 2pm, and it's pretty damn good. The crowd wasn't so big when I went, though apparently it was 'madness' in the morning, according to Jaqueline (of Bookxcess fame, also behind Big Bad Wolf Books).

Lots of good stuff around - His Dark Materials books for only RM10-15 (forgot to check the prices), fiction and non-fiction novels for RM8 only (MOST of the books were RM8), cookbooks for RM3-5, Magazines for RM3.

Lots of fantasy stuff, though a lot of it were Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance stuff. Saw lots of Wheel of Times too. Lots of Archers, Grishams, Ludlums, and so on around too. Apparently the kids section was good too, but by the time I got there most of it was gone. They MIGHT have more today and in the weekend though. Lots of unopened boxes around...

What did I get? Well, I bought a total of SEVENTEEN books, for a grand total of.... RM117. That's just crazy. I've never gotten so many books for so little money EVER.

I got some good cookbooks (!), a Guide to Drizzt (which I nearly bought from Kino a few months back for RM75...), some Garth Nix Seventh Tower books (RM5 each!), and lots of RM8 novels by Cormac McCarthy's No Country For Old Men, Alice Sebold's Almost Noon, Haruki Murakami etc etc.

Now... excuse me while I go see what else I can find today... :-p

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