Thursday, 14 May 2009

A Day In The Cinema, A Night At The Museum

Night At The Museum: Battle of The Smithsonian
A.k.a. Night At The Museum 2
Not a Review.
I don't know why I put myself through this.
I HATE Ben Stiller.
I can't stand his angry loser guy schtick
The only movie I could stand him was that Mary movie.
Even then it was because of Cameron Diaz

Ok fine, this movie wasn't that bad actually,
It's not logical, but then it wasn't MEANT to be logical.
It's pure, dumb, mindless entertainment.
And Stiller was actually tolerable here.
At least he wasn't so loser-ish.
And only got slapped by monkeys once.
And you didn't want to slap him so much.

Was the way they try too hard too seem hip and cool.
Like getting the exhibits to talk like a hip-hop artiste,
Like getting cherubs to rap,
Like all adding in all those needless parodies.
It was funny at first.
Then it got REALLY tired.
Get new jokes already.

Some of the jokes were not really funny either.
Ivan the AWESOME? Seriously?
And enough with the monkey slapping already.
It wasn't funny the first time you did it.
But some were pretty funny though.
Like the Einsteins.
Like the White House scene.
Heck, any scene with the little miniatures is pretty funny.

And I love Amy Adams.
She's so sweet and cute.
You just wanna melt when you see her smile.
Her whole face LIGHTS UP.
No cleavage rating though.
But she's got a nice fine... er... behind.
Not sure if I wanna see her in Doubt.
She's a NUN there for gawds sake.

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