Friday, 15 May 2009

How To Shop Like Eyeris At A Book Warehouse Sale: An Expert Guide

  • Bring your own bag, preferably one of those canvas shopping bags they sell at the supermarket. It's easier to carry than baskets, or those cardboard boxes they usually give you. Plus you don't even have to take plastic bags when you check out!

  • When browsing, don't bother trying to take in every single title. Just skim through the pile or row (you can use your finger to guide you through) and only pick up books if the cover/name/author catches your eye.

  • If you see something you THINK you might buy, put it in the bag first. Because if you put it back on the pile, you probably won't be able to find it later when you WANT to buy it.

  • Take first, sort later. Take the books you want first, then before checking out, take everything out and sort them into piles of 1) I MUST HAVE IT; 2) If got extra money then buy; 3) I can live without it.

  • If you go to a warehouse sale with the intention of only looking for ONE or TWO SPECIFIC books, good luck with that. That ain't what book warehouse sales are for, bub. The whole point is to go there and BROWSE and HUNT for books that you would normally buy (or have THOUGHT of buying but were turned off by the price) at lower prices. Keywords here are BROWSE and HUNT.

  • If you're the sort who really can't control yourself when confronted with thousands of super cheap books at crazy low prices, then FORCE yourself to limit your purchasing by bringing ONLY RM100 or RM150 to the sale, and LEAVE THE DAMN CREDIT CARD AT HOME.

  • If you're not sure whether you already have a book (because like me, you've bought so many before that you can't keep track of which ones you have), then DON'T BUY IT. Chances are you already DO have it, and even if you don't, consider it as money saved for OTHER books.

Will add more when I think of more...

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