Friday, 19 June 2009

FIVE YEARS With my Eye On Everything

This is me celebrating FIVE WHOLE YEARS of nonsense on this blog. Yam seng!


(Update: 10:35am)

Ok ok, since it's a momentous occasion and all, let me just make my obligatory five-year celebratory post a little longer.

It's kinda weird that this blog has lasted this long, considering my analness about being 'anonymous' all this while, and the fact that it's not even about me per se. It may have started out as a book blog but it's evolved into something a lot more broader and more entertainment based than just books (I haven't even done a book review in like, AGES).

Anyway, here are some of my favorite posts on the blog, a list which was kinda hard to compile on account that there ARE FIVE years worth of material comprising 1329 posts in total.... Hope you had as much fun reading the blog as I had writing it! YAY!

(BTW, I'm not including any from 2009 though. Nothing very momentous lately... sigh...)

Here we go!









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