Monday, 29 June 2009

Salud! All Hail The Thirsty Blogger!

Dude, you are one mad fucker, you know that?
Who else can start a booze blog, writing about nothing but ALCOHOL,
And then have a fucking MEDIA LAUNCH to launch your BLOG.
A PARTY with a whole fucking CASE of Smirnoff Black,
Three bottles of whiskey,
AND a few bottles of fuckin' ABSINTHE thrown in for good measure.
(which tastes of VERY STRONG HACKS)

Had a BLAST at the party, where you can MIX YOUR OWN DRINKS.
Yes, who NEEDS bartenders when you can do it yourself!
Stuck to one alcohol all night
(Multiple Smirnoffs with various mixers, in case you were wondering).
And got kinda wasted. GAH.

Fireangel I know had a blast with the drinks,
Even Suanie thought it was one of the best parties she's been to ever!

SALUD, brother!

All hail the Thirsty Blogger!

PS: Thanks for the Kelapa Rock recipe!

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