Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Starscream Week on EoE: All Hail Her Foxiness, The Future Queen of The Decepticons!

Herro again, my fellow Decepticons! It is I, your SUPREME LEADER, Mighty Muggs Starscream once again!

Yesterday, I was browsing around a bookstore, when I came across a AWESOME magazine that befits my status as SUPREME LEADER OF THE DECEPTICONS. It is the most MANLY magazine ever, so naturally, being the most macho and handsome DECEPTICON around (not to mention being the SUPREME LEADER OF THE DECEPTICONS), I decided to buy it.

After all, look at the er... AWESOME MANLY ARTICLES in it!

Like the 75 movies every man should see!

Woohoo! Awesome article!

And what about this, huh? They even teach you how to be good at DRINKING!

Ok, so it also mentions that stupid McTerminator movie:

Stupid movie. Trying to copy MY movie. Don't they know that our movie is so much more AWESOME because it has ME, STARSCREAM, SUPREME LEADER OF THE DECEPTICONS in it? I even have my own movie POSTER, for gods sake!

Anyway, the articles are not the only thing that I bought this magazine for. Noo. I am not as shallow as you think I am. I actually bought the magazine for the... COVER!

Behold, the future queen of Cybertron, (after I, STARSCREAM, SUPREME LEADER OF THE DECEPTICONS make her mine, that is)... Her Foxiness... MEGAN FOX!


Yes, we Starscreams LOVE her Megan Foxiness.

Look, even the little Starscream is trying to feel her up! HAHA!

What? You wanna check out the pictures INSIDE? Eh, go get your OWN copy! Or go check out the Esquire website by clicking HERE or the gratuitous photo of Megan below!

Now excuse me while I wipe the drool off my jet thrusters. This is Starscream, SUPREME LEADER OF THE DECEPTICONS signing off!

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