Friday, 5 June 2009

Starscream Week on EoE: From No Hands And Six Missiles to Two Hands and Two Missiles...

Herro again, my fellow Decepticons! It is ME, STARSCREAM, SUPREME LEA.. oh you know the drill. Sorry about disappearing for the past few days, despite being Starscream Week and all. I was depressed from all the awesome puny humans dying, like my all time favorite badass David 'Bill' Carradine, who would have kicked Megatron's ass to Cybertron and back.

Anyway, enough moping. Let's continue with the introduction fo my BRAND NEW MOVIE TOY!

You saw the AWESOME jet mode on Tuesday, now, let's check out my AWESOME NEW ROBOT MODE!

But first, a look at the OLD ones, both the original AND the G1 repaints:

Despite looking like a gorilla, this was actually a damn cool toy k? Why? Because I didn't have just one, or two missiles, but SIX FREAKING MISSILES that I can shoot out from my JET MODE (from the front too, not through the ass like my new jet mode) AND from my HANDS in robot mode as well! (of course, it meant that I didn't really have hands either, but who needs hands when you have SIX FREAKING MISSILES instead!).


Even the repaint of the old mold had SIX DAMN MISSILES as well!:

One thing I never got though. This was my head in the movie:

Apparently when you change your paint job, you're supposed to change your head as well:

Don't ask me why. It's so UGLY samore, not really a head that befits the HANDSOME AND POWERFUL SUPREME LEADER OF THE DECEPTICONS! NGIAAHAHAHAHAH!

The head-changing thingy is a trend that continued on to the new toy too. But this time I changed back to my usual handsome movie self:

And this is what I'd look like if I was on

Unfortunately, although I now have an awesome cool body that still looks like a gorilla but has a much cooler paintjob, AND I have HANDS, they took away FOUR of my missiles and all I have left are two missiles that I fire from two puny guns on my arms. Sigh...

But I'm still damn cool! Check out my cool poses with my old buddy from the first movie!

(Yes, I'm shorter too, and my legs still look like chicken feet. So sue me).

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