Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The Third Ice Age Melts Into a Pool Of Water

Ice Age: Dawn of The Dinosaurs.
a.k.a. Ice Age 3
Not a Review.
The first Ice Age was decent.
The second Ice Age melted a little.
This one was just one pool of water.
Ok if you liked the first one (and second one) you MIGHT like this one,
Kids might like it too.

It's mostly more of the same.
Scrat and his acorn
Manny and his moaning
Sid with his antics.
Diego with his... er... emoing.
Nothing much different there.
Except for the dinosaurs, of course.

Wait a minute, didn't the dinosaurs come BEFORE the Ice Age?
What are they doing HERE then?
Oh, it's a CARTOON.
Heck, if houses can fly on balloons and cows with udders can be male,
Why can't there be Dinosaurs in an Ice Age, huh?
So what if our kids grow up thinking weasels talk like Simon Pegg?
Screw science!

Anyway, I forgot how annoying I HATE Ray Romano's voice.
Every time I hear him MOANING I feel like punching him in the face.
They should rename it Everybody Loves Raymond Except Eyeris.
On the other hand, John Leguizamo isn't annoying.
But his CHARACTER Sid here is.
Simon Pegg is funny though.
Moby Dick WTF!
The rest of the cast... er... who?

Everything here just seems so recycled.
Inter-species mammal-reptile relationships? Wasn't that in Shrek?
Baby anxieties? Wasn't that in Shrek 3?
Scrat and his Acorn adventures? The trailers were funnier.
Sid and his bumbling ways? Wasn't that in the first movie?

Anyway, this was incredibly underwhelming.
Then again, the first two weren't overwhelming in the first place.
This one was even more forgettable than Monsters Vs Aliens.
At least I went HA!-HA!-HA! during MvA.
This one was more HEH-HEH-MEH.
UP is still the best animated movie this year.
Heck, it's still the best MOVIE of the year.

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