Friday, 12 June 2009

Transformers Week on EoE: The Obligatory Week Closing Freewriting Ramble

Some Transformers week this has turned out to be. been too lazy to play around with the camera/toys, and been too busy playing Grim Fandango and Full Throttle to care. I AM looking forward to the movie though, though unfortunately unlike the last one where I got to watch the movie WEEKS before the REST OF THE WORLD did (my colleague went for the junket this time boohoo), this time I'll have to slum it with the mere mortals and go watch it a mere 3 days before it opens. Bah. On the plus side, if it all turns out well, I'll ALSO be watching it 2 days, and one day before it opens, which basically means by the time it opens on the 25th, I'd have already watched it three times.... LOL.

As for the toys, I've got a couple of them, but unlike the last time when I basically went berserk trying to get ALL the toys, this time I've limited myself to the really good ones only. No money mar, and the new toys aren't that great either. But the Leader-class Optimus Prime is AWESOME though. And the Sideswipe and Sideways toys. And of course, I MUST HAVE that Leader-class JETFIRE which transforms into a BLACK BIRD SR-71 for Pete's sake!

So what am I looking forward to in this movie? Lots - Devastator, Optimus Prime with two swords, Sideswipe, etc etc.

Oh, and Megan of course. *drool drool drooooool*

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