Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Bond Girls, Michael Jackson and Femes Bloggers in The Rainforest

Yup, the Rainforest World Music Festival was last weekend, and I had a blast. Some people had said that it wasn't as happening as the previous years, but I reckon it's up to the what the individual expects. Me, I just wanted to have a good time, and enjoy some great, and unique music. And drink lots of beer and tuak, of course.

I thought it was REALLY stupid to sell a plate of kolok mee for RM8, especially when the Heinekens were ALSO RM8. Priorities, man... Also, what's with the stupid Tree Stage being so high up, huh? You'd need an elevator to get up there. No wonder most of the acts there played elevator music...

Anyway, here in no particular order or preference, are my personal top ten favorite moments from the RWMF. Doesn't have to be from the concerts, because for me, my favorite parts of the event was during the workshops, and milling around the hotel talking to the performers. And drinking beer and tuak, of course.


9-11 JULY 2010


1) Headbanging to Portugal's Dazkarieh. They were probably the hardest rocking band I've heard that did NOT have a single electric guitar (yes, fuck off, Keane). They used traditional Portuguese instruments instead. (But they had a drummer, of course).

Also helped that the lead singer was really hot, and looked a bit like Eva Green


2) The high-energy, fun-filled performance by the Zawose Family (Tanzania). Their costumes with the long feathers on the shoulders were AWESOME, and their women dancers/singers can REALLY shake their butts.


3) Meeting the Polish folk from the St. Nicholas Orchestra and brushing off the few hopelessly mispronounced Polish phrases I learnt when I was there. Made me miss the damn country. Sigh...


3) Watching the Maori from Moana & The Tribe 'fighting' with the Sarawakian Iban warrior during the finale. The Maori warriors are always fun to watch.


4) The dancing dude from
Morrocan band Oudaden. His moves wasn't exactly breakdancing, but his jovial smile while he did it was great fun.


5) The press conference where the Korean translator got hot under collar when asked whether the last song by Noreummachi (Korea) (performed by a male and female pair of percussionists) had any 'sexual tension'.

The frontman at the PC just coolly answered the question with a quick, "YES."


6) Watching the Finnish dude from Jouhiorkesteri headbanging while playing his weird-looking jouhikko bowed lyre. Their actual performance was so-so, but this fella really made that instrument look cool.


7) The Michael Jackson tribute during Akasha's set. The set itself was great and was one of the best in the whole event; but when they ripped into the riff for Beat It, the crowd just went totally NUTS.


8) The cute chick from Kinabalu Merdu Sound. The band's music was lively, but this girl's voice was just beautiful, especially when she sang during one of the workshops.


9) Watching the accordion guy from Poum Tchack. He really made the accordion look cool, and the way he played it was so full of energy. The band played some really cool gypsy jazz, which was awesome too.


10) The workshops, of which my favorite ones were the drum and percussions ones.

Incidently, the percussion workshops all had this 'funny guy' Kamrul (I come and rule!") from Asika, who really lit up all the workshops he was in. It was great fun singing along to his dikir barat!


Yes, it's another picture of the hot Portuguese chick again. Why? No reason. Just because she's hot. And she ROCKS. *drool drool drool*

And last but not least...

Let's play spot the femes bloggers!

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