Thursday, 16 July 2009

Glourious Inglourious Basterds Posterds

I'm a real sucker for awesome posters. And they don't come more awesome than those made for Quentin Tarantino's movies.

The Big-Chinned One has a new movie coming out this year, and it's looking like a damn awesome, violence-filled, fouled-mouth bloodfest, the way only Tarantino can do it.

It's called Inglourious Basterds (no, this is not a mispelling. The title actually IS spelled that way), and it's about Brad Pitt leading a gang of misfits into Nazi-occupied France to... well, kill some Nazis. Or preferably A LOT of Nazis.

And here are the AWESOME AWESOME posters!

Yes, I've got all three. MUAHAHA!

There are also a whole bunch of other teaser posters with the characters on them, but I really don't need another Brad Pitt poster. But I DO want the ones with the chicks in them though, especially since DIANE KRUGER is in one of them. hubba hubba!

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