Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Harry Potter & The Awfully Long Movie Based on An Awfully Thick Book.

Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince
Not a Review.
Or Harry Potter 6.
Or Hari Berputar Dan Putera Setengah Masak.
Personally I like to call it Harry Potter:
And The Awfully Long Movie Based on An Awfully Thick Book.

But at least it wasn't awful.
The movie, not the book.
The book was awful, the worst I'd read
Dragging, pointless, bloated, and in painful need of editing.
And the written was horrendous.
('sucking on each others faces' indeed. HAH!)
I don't even remember what happened in it.
Except that SOMEONE died JENG JENG JENG.

But the movie is way better.
A lot easier to get through.
Because got more time for the more interesting supporting characters.
Especially Snape, who was excellent as usual.
Alan Rickman rocks!
Draco was pretty good this time round too.
And so was the new guy, Professor Slughorn.
And Luna Lovegood.
She's adorable.

As for the main three kids.
They were actually pretty good this time.
Ron was less annoying.
Harry himself was pretty good.
First time I didn't find him whiny or too kayu
And he was actually quite spontaneous too.
About time you got comfortable with the role, Daniel.

Oh, and Hermione?
Hot as usual.
And this time it's ok to say she's hot,
Because she ain't underaged anymore hahaha.
She's growing up to be quite the looker.
Cleavage rating 8!

It's a bit long though.
And damn slow.
Very talky too.
But a lot of nice touches here and there.
I was more entertained by this slow movie,
Than by the entire first three quarters of the last one.
And it didn't even have Voldemort in it!
Well, not the old one, that is.

Oh, and it's much, much, much better than Twilight.
At least the 'romantic' scenes were better done.
No lion and lamb or dazzling vampire shit.
This is the more mature Harry Potter.
If you can even call it that.
It's definitely darker.
I still like Azkaban the most though.
And I still think the book is crap.

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