Friday, 17 July 2009

Primed, Potted, Watched and Trekked. What's Next?


Harry has Potted,
Optimus has Primed.
The Star has Trekked,
The Watchmen were watched,
And the Enemies have gone Public,

The Ice Age has melted,
Monsters whacked the Aliens.
Angels met the Demons,
And Night went by in the Museum.

Dragonball sucked balls,
The Fast weren't so Furious.
Terminator was terminated,
Wolverine was gutted,

So what else is there in 2009?

Next we go UP UP UP UP UP!
Then we go YO JOE!
We'll follow Coraline into dark places,
Into places Where the Wild Things Are,
And where Princesses meet Frogs.
And to avoid cringing to New Moon,
We'll skip forward to the year 2012,
We'll be Inglourious with some Basterds,
We'll be elementary with Sherlock Holmes,
And finally, ride the Storm with Warriors.

Who says the best movies are only in Summer?

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