Monday, 6 July 2009

Storm Warriors Are Rising Over The Ribut Genting

Recognise those swords in the poster above? No? Then you probably don't read Hong Kong wuxia comics then, because those are probably THE MOST famous weapons in the Hong Kong comics world - The 雪飲狂刀 (Snow Drinker sabre) of 聶風 (Nie Feng / Nip Fung / Wind / Badai), and the 絕世好劍 (Ultimate Superior Sword) of 步驚雲 (Bou Keng Wan / Bu JIng Yun / Cloud / Awan).

Yes, almost 11 years after the last movie, they have FINALLY come out with a new 風雲 movie (That's Fung Wan / Storm Riders / Storm Warriors / Ribut Genting / Pedang Setiawan to you non-Chinese-ed fellas.).

I'm quite excited about the movie because I've been a fan of the comics ever since I was a kid, and though I really hated the first movie, this new one is based on one of the best story arcs in the comics - the 死戰 (Death Battle) arc.

After seeing some stills and some clips of it, I'm looking forward to it even more!

Ok, sure, Simon Yam looks damn bodoh in his armor. He plays the villain Lord Godless (絕無神) in the movie, but he looks more like Rhino from the Spidey comics... OUCH.

But at least the two leads look pretty good in their costumes, though when I was in Bangkok to watch them shoot on set last year, the two of them look damn old. Sampai wrinkle wrinkle habis.

This is Ekin Cheng as 聶風 (Nie Feng / Nip Fung / Wind / Badai):

And here's Aaron Kwok as 步驚雲 (Bou Keng Wan / Bu JIng Yun / Cloud / Awan)

I also saw a short clip of the movie on it's Facebook page, and it featured a part of the battle between the two protagonists.

Funnily enough, I actually saw them shooting part of this scene, and it looked nothing like the film - just a couple of guys banging wooden swords together. LOL.

Anyway, the movie should be out in the end of the year. Woot! Now get me one of these posters!

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