Tuesday, 7 July 2009

When I Grow Up I Wanna Be Johnny and Shoot Tommy Guns too

Public Enemies.
Not a Review.
Depp! Bale! Mann!
Yes, forget Miami Vice!
Michael Mann is BACK!
And he's made the Tommy gun cool again!

If you're a woman, you'll fall in love with Johnny Depp all over again.
He's cool, dashing, dapper and smooth,
And he's a bad bad man too.
If you're a guy, you'll wanna grow up to be Johnny Dillinger.
Cos he's confident, cocky and awesomely cool.
And he robs banks.
And he's got TOMMY GUNS!

And THIS is the sort of Christian Bale I prefer.
I really didn't like him in Terminator Starvation.
And he was completely eclipsed by Heath in Dark Knight.
But here at least he has more room to shine.
But still loses out to Johhnnnyyyyyy
(And his Tommy guns!)

Marion Coutillard quite stunning.
She's not jaw-dropping hot,
And she won't adorned college students' walls.
But she's the real man's kind of woman.
Those eyes are just... stunning.
(sorry, no cleavage rating)
(What did you think this is, Transformers 2?)

What's it about? It's about Johnny.
No not Depp. DILLINGER.
The infamous bank robber.
Who you know, robs banks.
So Bale's FBI agent wants to catch him (or kill him, whichever comes first)
(no wait, they were just the 'Bureau of Investigation back then)
(So it's actually 'Bale's BI agent'. Heh)

Mommy mommy when I grow up I wanna be like Johnny.
Either Depp or Dillinger also can.
Depp is cool, dashing, and mad.
Dillinger is cool, dashing, and robs banks.
And he's got TOMMY GUNS!
Mommy can I have a tommy gun too?

Oh, the movie?
Yeah it rocks.
A bit slow at parts, but you don't really feel it.
It's excellently filmed, and the acting is great.
And the action is great too!
Tommy guns are awesome shit.

Oooh, nice legs.

(All pictures taken from comingsoon.net because I'm too lazy to upload the ones from the press kit they gave me...)

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