Saturday, 29 August 2009

Kings Conveniently Declare Dependence.

What's this I hear? The Kings of Convenience have a new album coming out in October? Woohoo!

The album is called Declaration of Dependence, and judging from the first song that's available - Mrs. Cold; they haven't changed the formula around much. And that's just the way we like it, isn't it?

The album's due to drop on 20 October. I wouldn't count on it making its way around here through the ah... conventional avenues though. And even if it does, it's likely to be damn expensive. Sighhh...

Anyway, head on over to The Yellow Stereo to listen the King's of Convenience's new song now!

Friday, 28 August 2009

Take An Inch and Listen For a Mile

I found out about Singaporean chick Inch Chua's new EP The Bedroom through a friend's Facebook, and promptly went over to download it. For Free.

What can I say, I'm a sucker for free music. Even though I had no idea who Inch Chua was.... Heh. I was curious about her though. I mean... her name is INCH Chua. And you know me, give me an inch, and I'll take a Meter. Heh heh. (ok lawak 20 sen. sowi.)

Anyway, I quite like her voice... very soothing and cute even, in a very Submarines kinda way. First song Rule The World starts off with a beat that seems strangely feng-tau at first, does get a little infectious after a while. Can't say I'm a big fan of the electronica flourishes though., but it's still a pretty decent song.

As for the other songs, Aqueous Oblivion my favorite in the EP. It's a nice little acoustic number, which along with the last two are also nice little indie pop-folk kinda songs.

It's not a bad EP, plus it's free for download. And for that, I vote Inch Chua's The Bedroom EP as WIN!

Go check it out people. You can download it HERE, or by clicking on the picture ON THE TOP. The bottom picture takes you to an 'Inchterview' (heh heh) with Inch which is more than a few inches long.

Ok, fine. enough measurement jokes. Hmpfff.

(Picture taken from Audioreload)

Project Beta: The TV Channel With REAL Bloggers!

What da fark is this? A TV SHOW about BLOGGERS? 'Uncovering Malaysia's Top Bloggers'? Since when did they need 'uncovering' in the first place? The only reason why they ARE so-called 'top bloggers' is because they are ALREADY uncovered, and certainly don't need further 'uncovering'. If anything, some of them (especially the guys) need more covering up. The girls can stay uncovered hur hur hur.

Anyway. Like I said (and asked during the press conference)... do we REALLY need a SHOW about BLOGGERS? Do we really need to know what goes on 'behind the scenes' and in their 'real lives'? Yeah right. As if they ALL go to Sunway Resort on normal days. As if three minutes is enough to show us how their lives are like. What next, 1 minute shows for "Malaysia's Top Twitterers"?

That said, there ARE a couple of bloggers I'd like to see them film. And they wouldn't even have to write a script or bring them to Sunway to film. All you have to do is follow them around and voila! You've got a show! Heck, with THESE guys, you'd get a whole CHANNEL of different genres of shows!

Top Blog-Gear
Genre: Automotive
Subject: Paul Tan

Cars cars and cars. Oh, and more cars. Guest-starring MyHorng as a superstar daredevil stunt driver called The Horng. LOL

Genre: Reality Show
Subject: Suanie
I'd love to see them film her at at Bootcamp (yes Suan, I'm a sadist hahahaha), or complaining while hiking to a waterfall... If you follow her blog regularly, you'll know she's damn sporting and willing to try anything (well, ALMOST anything). Hours of endless entertainment I tell you, not just 3 minutes!

Blogger Gone Wild:
Genre: Shock reality show
Subject: Thirsty Blogger

No need scripts for this guy. Just give him and his friends a lot of booze and let the fun begin! (Guest stars Kimberlycun as 'Chick whose voice gets damn high when she's drunk and then passes out on couch')

Blogprah's Book Club
Genre: Talk show book club
Subject: Bibliobibuli
Recommends good books to everyone. Does not feature Tom Cruise jumping on sofa, but she could get Tash Aw to jump on a stool if you'd like.

Dog Blog Lady
Genre: Pet show
Subject: Kimberlycun
Come take a peek at the life of Kim, who used to have a life, but doesn't now, thanks to her dog EmoCharlie. Watch as she cleans up Charlie's poo! Be thrilled as she rants at restaurants that don't allow dogs! And come learn how to look for a dog-sitter when she needs to go for parties!

Makan-Makan Belog:
Genre: Food
Subject: KYSpeaks

This guy is practically Asian Food Channel all by himself. All he does is EAT EAT and EAT (and complain about taking the LRT to work). Just follow him around with a camera and watch him eat! (Guest star Shaolintiger as token angmoh co-host with better Malaysian accent than most radio DJs.)

So You Think Your Blog Can Party?
Genre: Talent Show
Subject: Fireangel

Give her booze, a dance floor, and she'll fill up the three minutes with non-stop entertainment. She'll even do her Siew Yoke Dance for you if you ask nicely! (for non-Muslims only, ok?). Now, if only she'd actually get back to blogging in the first place...

Genre: Tabloid and entertainment
Her name card says she 'chases rock stars' for a living. And boy is she good at it. Hers could be the kind of show where you stick her backstage in a concert and watch her stalk the rock stars!

Footyblog Focus
Genre: Sports
Subject: Hantubola

Watch as the nutjobs at Hantu Bola get mabuk while watching football and start calling Manure United players twats! Features truly Malaysian football commentary ("KEEPER KAYU!") and brilliant, in-depth match analysis ("CIBAI, THAT LUCAS DAMN USELESS!).

Quaint Eye For The Quaint Blog
Genre: Fashion
Subject: Pinkpau
Features Pinkpau dressing up in different costumes for the entire three minutes. What for? It's a FASHION show, numbskull. Since when do fashion shows need a reason to exist? Besides, she's hot, that's why. hahahaahha.

Life of a Blogger/Journalist
Genre: Nature Documentary
Subject: Eyeris

Follows the life of a blogger-journalist in his natural habitat. Contains EXCITING footage of said blogger pouncing on free doughnuts, devouring free cups of coffee, guzzling beer, and spending a lot of time sitting in front of the computer, sniggering to himself and typing. For the WHOLE three minutes. Because that's what most bloggers are like, no? Oh wait, I'm not a TOP blogger. bah.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Keep Some Dragons for Me, Ms. Robin Hobb.

Ooooh, there's a new Robin Hobb book! And it's a new trilogy!

It's out now in MPH and Kinokuniya. I saw it the other day after a tip from a colleague, but it's the end of the month and I'm broke... WAAAA!

Ah, she's going back to dragons after mucking about with forest mages in the last trilogy, Should be interesting...

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


This blog just hit 100,000 times three.
I'm so happy I could eat a tree.
But I will be content with a treat,
Of a pint of Guinness (or three).
Or maybe I'll go for tea,
It's a lot cheaper than stout, you see.
Anyway, this took me five years to achieve
And I still can't rhyme for shit.
It may not be as much as KY or Kenny,
But hey, at least I do it for free.


15Malaysia: Adibah Noor, Machine Guns and a Giant Chicken.

Liew Tat Seng's HALAL is up now on

If you were bored to death by Nik Aziz's monologue, or couldn't grasp the somberness of House on your tiny YouTube screen, this should be a welcome slapstick change.

It has Adibah Noor, machine guns, a giant chicken, and a scantily-clad Sarah Lian. Plus it has Adibah violently shooting one of those annoying, intrusive photographers with an SLR (probably a blogger).

What's not to like?

Download it now from, and remember, if you have are running a Torrent software, download it via torrent and help seed the video also!

Click the banner bel... ah you know the drill.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Megan Fox. Licking Fire. 'Nuff Said.

Total Film has some new pictures of Sherlock Holmes, Surrogates, The Lovely Bones, Nine, The Informant (Matt Damon! With a misai!), er... Ninja Assassin and Red Cliff (yeah, apparently they're only getting the movie NOW, almost one YEAR after we watched the TWO movies that we Asians got).

But the kicker is the very last picture, right at the bottom. It's from this little movie called Jennifer's Body, starring some Foxy chick called Megan, whom jealous women (and gay men) like to accuse of being a man for some reason.

Cleavage rating 9. Did you need to know more about the movie?

Didn't think so.

Ban The Band That Is Still Learning To Rock!

Overheard at a certain party:

VIP #1: Ya know, it's been awhile since we've protested anything.

VIP #2: Yeah betul. We completely missed that big apanama NTV concert in the Sunway Lagoon.

VIP #1: YEAH! We should have protested that one! Sure got bikini bikini there wan! Why we never go har!

VIP #2: Yalor. remember that Avil Lavin concert? Wah, so sexy! I felt so corrupted! We need to go protest more!

VIP #1: Never mind, got lots of other concert coming up! I dengar got this band coming to GEnting next month. That band hor... from DENMARK tau!

VIP #2: ALAMAK! DENMARK! Remember last time got this kartun from Denmark! We got protest that one also!

VIP #1: YAR YAR! And samore hor, this band hor, their name got ROCK ROCK wan!

VIP #2: Apanama die... Michael Learns To Rock! ROCK! All this batu-batu very bad!

VIP #1: Yes yes! We must go protest this batu-batu band! The concert will be a FESTIVAL OF SIN!

VIP #2: Eh wait, you got listen their muzik before ar?

VIP #1: Er no. But this eyeris fella always complain about it, say the band very bad! He samore say it's an insult to his name! So if got blog say it is bad, must be bad lar!

VIP #2: Yalah! Samore the name got ROCK ROCK wan. Must ban!

VIP #1: OK SET! WE GO PROTEST THIS BAND! So... bila kita nak pegi Genting ni?

Monday, 24 August 2009

LEGO: The Movie = Kayu Reeve's Dream Role.

So... apparently they're going to make a movie out of LEGO. Um. No. I mean, they're making a movie ABOUT LEGO (That's it, Hollywood has officially run out of ideas).

How they're going to go about beats me. But one thing seems very obvious to me though. They need to get Keanu Reeves to star in it. Hey, he does the best impression of a wooden plank EVER, and so it's a safe bet that he'll be an ace LEGO Brick as well.

Anyway, you can't have a big star without a story to entice him with. So here are a few story ideas the scriptwriters could pursue...


Reeves is just another 4X8 brick in the wall of a normal, no frills LEGO City house. Dreams of being part of a deluxe Star Wars LEGO set on day. One day, he wakes up to realise he has been made a part of Bionicle set, and has to save his old LEGO house from an attack by the smug and arrogant Star Wars LEGO sets who want to use the house's bricks to build a new Collector's Edition Death Star set.


Kiddy Movie
It IS a kid's toy, ain't it? Made entirely with 3Duplo effects, Reeves plays a LEGO policeman who has to put on a fat suit and go undercover as DUPLO man, so he can protect the DUPLO son of a very famous LEGO man (who owns all the LEGO Power Miners Sets) from terrorists who want to use his LEGO Thunder Driller to rob banks. Also features Vin Diesel as the voice of the Duplo dog.


In a crossover of two of last year's blockbusters, a LEGO Speed Racer Mach 5 gets involved with a race to the death with a LEGO Batmobile. In between the two adversaries is an unknown driver (Reeves) driving a custom-made LEGO Racers car, who has a grudge against both the star drivers.


A LEGO man (Reeves) and a LEGO woman (played by Keira Knightley, because, ya know, LEGO women all have flat chests…) falls in love in a LEGO Cafe Corner Playset, go on vacation in Paris where they break up in a limited edition LEGO Eiffel Tower.


A small 4x4 LEGO brick (Reeves) has to overcome his shortcomings and bring a small, yellow, magical one-circle clear LEGO piece to the top of a LEGO mountain. He must then set it on the tip of the mountain to seal off the evil spewing forth from the mountain. Features an equally wooden Mark Wahlberg as a swashbuckling, scruffy knight from a Knights Kingdom set, going up against a dragon from the Viking LEGO sets.

15Malaysia: A Dream House With No Cuddy

Linus Chung's HOUSE is up on 15Malaysia now.

No, there is no Hugh Laurie or scantily-clad Dr. Cuddy, Cameron or 13.

What it DOES have is a poignant little message about how not everyone dreams about having big houses with Roman columns and rows of Ferraris.

For many, just having a home is dream enough.

Click on the banner below to download House!

PS: And remember, if you usually have a Torrent software on anyway, use it to download the 15Malaysia videos and help seed them!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

15Malaysia: The Most Unlikely Person To Appear on This Blog

Now here's a face you won't see on this blog everyday:

Amir Muhammad's The Tree is up on 15Malaysia. More interview/commentary by Nik Aziz more than anything, it's one of the more serious films of the 15, but still worth a watch.

BTW, the site's bandwidth is stretched to the limit with all the downloads, so do use the Torrent to download. In the site's own words:

Due to overwhelming demand for our downloads, our server bandwidth has been stretched to the limit. So please help keep this site afloat by using our BitTorrent facility to download the films whenever you can. It would also help greatly if you would help us seed the files.

So yeah. If you already have torrents running, do download the films and the help to seed them, and help the site keep alfloat!

Click the banner below for the download links for The Tree:

Thursday, 20 August 2009



Pixar Movie #9
Yes it's my NUMBER ONE Pixar movie.
Higher even than the Toy Stories,
Finding Nemo or The Incredibles.
Do you REALLY need me to repeat the whole thing again?
I've ALREADY written TWO Movie Not-Reviews last year
Go Read them HERE and HERE.

And remember...

And you've already watched it....

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

PIXAR WEEK: Anyone Can Cook!

Not a Review.
Pixar Movie #8
Ok, this is probably my LEAST favorite Pixar movie.
Not that it's BAD or anything.
On the contrary, it's EXCELLENT.
And I liked it a lot too.
Just that I didn't like it as much as the rest.

It's the one movie I don't feel an urge to watch when it's on.
Not sure exactly why.
Maybe I just didn't relate to the whole Paris thingy.
Or maybe it's because the characters are icky RATS.

I did like the food though.
And I think if they ever did a sequel,
They should come base it in MALAYSIA.
Forget all that hoighty-toighty French food.
Imagine that... a HAWKER RAT,
Going up against Remy the Parisian cook.

But one thing I remember about the movie,
Is its ending.
Or more specifically, Anton Ego's final review.
In which he says, "The work of a critic is easy."
"We thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read."
"But... in the grand scheme of things...
"the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism."

It made me think about the reviews I myself write,
And whether anyone cares what I say,
Or whether my opinions are too bias or too negative.
Because negative reviews ARE more fun to write.
But one man's Cars is another man's WALL-E.
Sooo, to all of you who loved Ratatouille...
Bon Appetit!

15Malaysia: Yasmin Ahmad's Final Chocolatey Bow

Yasmin Ahmad's final film, Chocolate, is up on! Go watch or download it it by clicking on the banner below! And remember to watch the Making Of as well. It's very sad... :-(

(and then join in the rather interesting string of opinions in the comments column below the video!)

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

PIXAR WEEK: Float Like a Cadillac, Sting Like A Beemer!

Not a review.
Pixar Movie #7.
I don't care what everyone says.
It's my FOURTH favorite Pixar movie!
Didn't bother?
Your loss.

It's not GREAT like the other Pixar movies,
But it's still GOOD and ENTERTAINING.
I've watched it a MILLION times.
AND bought the die-cast cars as well!
I can't WAIT for CARS 2!!!

Ok, Mater's a little annoying at first.
But he grows on you the more you watch him.
But I can't really stand those Car-Toons he's in though.
I want more GUIDO and LUIGI!
And more of the Radiator Springs gang!
I could do with less Lightning McQueen though.
He's more annoying than Mater.

I love how they reflected our real world in Cars format.
All the usual ordinary day things,
Gas stations, stadiums, Mexican waves,
Courtrooms, hippies, tattoos,
It takes everything cars have,
and apply them to human life.
It's a brilliant concept, if you ask me

It's a bit silly at times (cars have TONGUES????)
And it really isn't as memorable as the other Pixars.
But it's charming, funny, and utterly enjoyable.
The scene with the song My Town always makes me sad.
Plus it's got the most brilliant extra scenes in the credits ever.
It's got Ratzenberger making fun of himself!

Sure, the story is a bit ho-hum.
But it's a great fantasy world.
A world with only cars,
Though it does beg the question.
Er. who MADE those cars?
And how do they make BABY cars?

Cars is really under-rated if you ask me.
The most under-rated of all the Pixar movies.
And no matter what the adult film critics say,
The KIDS love this.
It's a pure, innocent FUN movie.
And the toys sell like hot cakes.
Why else would they make a CARS 2?

15Malaysia. Truly Malaysian.

Not a Review.
Are you Malaysian?
No, don't ask Malay Chinese or Indian.
Then go to and check out these short films.
There's one released every 2-3 days.
Tomorrow, Chocolate, Yasmin Ahmad's final film is up next.
They showed a 'making of' film yesterday.
It was really sad seeing her smiling so happily on set.

Some of the films were damn funny.
Halal by Liew Seng Tat has machine-guns and a chicken!
Slovak Sling has Patrick Teoh stripping!
The first one, Ho Yuhang's Potong Saga is also funny.
It's got that Negarakuku guy and his er.. kuku.

Some have unexpected stars.
Meter has Khairy Jamaluddin as a taxi driver wtf!
Health Paranoia has a very sporting Health Minister!
Even Nik Aziz is part of it.
He's in Amir Muhamma's The Tree.
Now that's a face you don't expect to see on a movie poster...

Some were funny, some were serious,
Some were a bit boring, some were pretty fast.
Most of them were thought-provoking,
While several were rather disturbing.
Some were a bit abstract (and maybe a tad indulgent)
But all of them were uniquely Malaysian.
Go watch them.
The release schedule is HERE.

Monday, 17 August 2009

PIXAR WEEK: Spoiled, Stupid Little Stick Figures With Poofy Lips!

The Incredibles.
Not A Review.
Pixar Movie #6.
My SECOND favorite one ever!
I've watched THIS one a MILLION times,
In the cinema, on DVD, in the plane...
And I NEVER get sick of it!

Yes, their powers are almost like the Fantastic Four,
Almost a rip-off, in fact.
But this movie has more heart,
And more entertainment than those two stupid live action FF movies.
And I never really liked the FF in the comics anyway.

My personal favorite part is the jungle chase.
Where the bad guys are chasing Violet and Dash.
The part where Dash runs across the water,
And then starts giggling cheekily,
Never fails to get me smiling.
And then when he and Violet combine powers.
Now THAT is one unstoppable force!

It's also got my THIRD favorite character of all,
Her monologues about capes (NO CAPES!)
Her rant to a whining Elastigirl (PULL. YOURSELF. TOGETHER!)
Her intro of the costumes (loved the little model baby crawling thru FIRE)
And the security access to her lab (EdNA Mode... and guest)
AND her description of SUPERMODELS (HAH! Nothing super about them!)
She's FARNY.

If you watch the DVD,
There's also a short animated flick called JACK JACK ATTACK!
It's about the cute little baby,
Who turns into a cute little monster when he's mad.
Go watch it, it's KIIIUUTTTT.

I only found the bad guy annoying though.
Wanted to slap him.
But other than that it's all good.
Ooooh, and Frozone's cool too!
Sam L. Jackson wtf!

Never mind Fantastic Four.
Forget Spider-man and Superman.
THIS is probably one of the most entertaining superhero movies EVER.
Except for The Dark Knight of course.
But that's a different film altogether...