Wednesday, 26 August 2009

15Malaysia: Adibah Noor, Machine Guns and a Giant Chicken.

Liew Tat Seng's HALAL is up now on

If you were bored to death by Nik Aziz's monologue, or couldn't grasp the somberness of House on your tiny YouTube screen, this should be a welcome slapstick change.

It has Adibah Noor, machine guns, a giant chicken, and a scantily-clad Sarah Lian. Plus it has Adibah violently shooting one of those annoying, intrusive photographers with an SLR (probably a blogger).

What's not to like?

Download it now from, and remember, if you have are running a Torrent software, download it via torrent and help seed the video also!

Click the banner bel... ah you know the drill.

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