Saturday, 22 August 2009

15Malaysia: The Most Unlikely Person To Appear on This Blog

Now here's a face you won't see on this blog everyday:

Amir Muhammad's The Tree is up on 15Malaysia. More interview/commentary by Nik Aziz more than anything, it's one of the more serious films of the 15, but still worth a watch.

BTW, the site's bandwidth is stretched to the limit with all the downloads, so do use the Torrent to download. In the site's own words:

Due to overwhelming demand for our downloads, our server bandwidth has been stretched to the limit. So please help keep this site afloat by using our BitTorrent facility to download the films whenever you can. It would also help greatly if you would help us seed the files.

So yeah. If you already have torrents running, do download the films and the help to seed them, and help the site keep alfloat!

Click the banner below for the download links for The Tree:

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