Tuesday, 18 August 2009

15Malaysia. Truly Malaysian.

Not a Review.
Are you Malaysian?
No, don't ask Malay Chinese or Indian.
Then go to 15Malaysia.com and check out these short films.
There's one released every 2-3 days.
Tomorrow, Chocolate, Yasmin Ahmad's final film is up next.
They showed a 'making of' film yesterday.
It was really sad seeing her smiling so happily on set.

Some of the films were damn funny.
Halal by Liew Seng Tat has machine-guns and a chicken!
Slovak Sling has Patrick Teoh stripping!
The first one, Ho Yuhang's Potong Saga is also funny.
It's got that Negarakuku guy and his er.. kuku.

Some have unexpected stars.
Meter has Khairy Jamaluddin as a taxi driver wtf!
Health Paranoia has a very sporting Health Minister!
Even Nik Aziz is part of it.
He's in Amir Muhamma's The Tree.
Now that's a face you don't expect to see on a movie poster...

Some were funny, some were serious,
Some were a bit boring, some were pretty fast.
Most of them were thought-provoking,
While several were rather disturbing.
Some were a bit abstract (and maybe a tad indulgent)
But all of them were uniquely Malaysian.
Go watch them.
The release schedule is HERE.

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