Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Ban The Band That Is Still Learning To Rock!

Overheard at a certain party:

VIP #1: Ya know, it's been awhile since we've protested anything.

VIP #2: Yeah betul. We completely missed that big apanama NTV concert in the Sunway Lagoon.

VIP #1: YEAH! We should have protested that one! Sure got bikini bikini there wan! Why we never go har!

VIP #2: Yalor. remember that Avil Lavin concert? Wah, so sexy! I felt so corrupted! We need to go protest more!

VIP #1: Never mind, got lots of other concert coming up! I dengar got this band coming to GEnting next month. That band hor... from DENMARK tau!

VIP #2: ALAMAK! DENMARK! Remember last time got this kartun from Denmark! We got protest that one also!

VIP #1: YAR YAR! And samore hor, this band hor, their name got ROCK ROCK wan!

VIP #2: Apanama die... Michael Learns To Rock! ROCK! All this batu-batu very bad!

VIP #1: Yes yes! We must go protest this batu-batu band! The concert will be a FESTIVAL OF SIN!

VIP #2: Eh wait, you got listen their muzik before ar?

VIP #1: Er no. But this eyeris fella always complain about it, say the band very bad! He samore say it's an insult to his name! So if got blog say it is bad, must be bad lar!

VIP #2: Yalah! Samore the name got ROCK ROCK wan. Must ban!

VIP #1: OK SET! WE GO PROTEST THIS BAND! So... bila kita nak pegi Genting ni?

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