Thursday, 13 August 2009

Go Watch District 9. And Bring a Non-Human Friend With You.

District 9
Not a Review.
Produced (not directed) by Peter Jackson.
One of the best movies of the year.
It's got aliens, robots, big guns,
Memorable characters, good action,
And above all, it actually has a STORY.

Eh? What's this documentary stuff eh?
What's with the interviews, the 'footage',
The boring flashba..... Ooooh aliens.
Oooh BIG mother-fucking-ship
Oh dear, look at the way they're treating them.
Are those really human beings?

The story here is a little depressing.
No wait, it's actually more SAD than depressing.
And it's also brutally unforgiving.
There's brutal violence, cruelty and discrimination,
Examples of having little or no disregard for life.
And worst of all,
It's all human.

No, the main story is not about the aliens at all.
It's about human beings.
There may be aliens running around on-screen,
But you are compelled to think about the ugly side of mankind.
You know how in some movies,
The aliens species always say humans are a cruel and savage race?
(I think Optimus Prime was the one who said it. How ironic...)
Well, this is it.

Go fucking watch it.
It may be a little chopped up thanks to the violence and swearing
(though they mostly missed swearing and cut the word AFTER the 'FUCK')
But it is an EXCELLENT movie.
It's got gore, humor, tragedy, drama, action,
And it even has really really cool action sequences and special effects.
Go fucking watch it.
And bring your non-human friend with you.

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