Thursday, 6 August 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday To The Best Cheap Books Store in KL!

I got this in my email recently, and I was surprised.

Has it been two years since Bookxcess was born? I remember going there when it just opened, in a tiny shoplot next to their Reissued magazine store in Amcorp Mall. It was hard to believe how cheap the books were going for, And they were ALL NEW. I eventually wound up going there more often than Payless (which I used to frequent A LOT as well).

I even blogged about it once (back when this was a much more dedicated BOOK blog) and the owner Jacqueline actually emailed me personally (she's nice, BTW).

They must have been doing well, because by and by, they eventually moved the shop to the third floor, a corner lot which was HUGE when compared to the previous store. And they got even MORE books!

I've bought fantasy novels, hardcovers, children's books, recipes books, and even Edward Monkton books there for AT LEAST 50-60 percent less then normal bookstores (some were even much cheaper). These days, I've caught myself thinking, "Sould I wait till Bookxcess gets it for cheap later?" when I'm considering buying a new book in a normal bookstore (Sorry, Kinokuniya, I still love you though).

Anyway, besides the main bokstore, Bookxcess also has the Reissued magazine stores in Amcorp (CHEAP imported magazines!), and recently started the Big Bad Wolf sale which was one of THE best book warehouse sales EVER.

Don't believe how good Bookxcess can be? Well, go check out their website, because it lists all the latest books they get, and also whatever offers they have as well. Alternatively, go sign up as a Facebook fan, or subscribe to their blog.

Of course, the best way is still to actually GO to the shop and see for yourself. It's on level 3, Amcorp Mall.

And if you go this Saturday and Sunday, they'll be celebrating their 2nd anniversary.

So, if you purchase above RM200 nett, you get a voucher worth RM20. There's also a “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” selection of books and also the 20 selected titles for RM2 each only. AND there's a new shipment is due to arrive this weekend as well! ARGGGH!

Happy 2nd Birthday Bookxcess!

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