Thursday, 6 August 2009

A New Song Scrap for a Radical Reborn Radioheadist

Hello everyone.
My name is eyeris.
And I'm a radical reborn Radioheadist.
It's been two years since my last new Radiohead song.

I've listen to all their songs.
I've sing out loud to In Rainbows in the car.
I've worn out my OK Computer CD.
I scour the interweb for rare Radiohead songs.
I even got my grubby little hands on this little film called:
Meeting People Is Easy (A Film by Grant Gee About Radiohead)
In a discount shop in Tokyo.

But it was not enough.
I needed something NEW.

Last night we Radical Reborn Radioheadists were thrown another scrap.
The band has a new song.
Released online.
It's called Harry Patch (In Memory Of)
Go read what Thom has to say about it.
And then download it HERE.
Not free though.
Go get it.
At Dead Air Space.
Yes my fellow Radical Reborn Radioheadists.
You ARE a target market.

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