Tuesday, 18 August 2009

PIXAR WEEK: Float Like a Cadillac, Sting Like A Beemer!

Not a review.
Pixar Movie #7.
I don't care what everyone says.
It's my FOURTH favorite Pixar movie!
Didn't bother?
Your loss.

It's not GREAT like the other Pixar movies,
But it's still GOOD and ENTERTAINING.
I've watched it a MILLION times.
AND bought the die-cast cars as well!
I can't WAIT for CARS 2!!!

Ok, Mater's a little annoying at first.
But he grows on you the more you watch him.
But I can't really stand those Car-Toons he's in though.
I want more GUIDO and LUIGI!
And more of the Radiator Springs gang!
I could do with less Lightning McQueen though.
He's more annoying than Mater.

I love how they reflected our real world in Cars format.
All the usual ordinary day things,
Gas stations, stadiums, Mexican waves,
Courtrooms, hippies, tattoos,
It takes everything cars have,
and apply them to human life.
It's a brilliant concept, if you ask me

It's a bit silly at times (cars have TONGUES????)
And it really isn't as memorable as the other Pixars.
But it's charming, funny, and utterly enjoyable.
The scene with the song My Town always makes me sad.
Plus it's got the most brilliant extra scenes in the credits ever.
It's got Ratzenberger making fun of himself!

Sure, the story is a bit ho-hum.
But it's a great fantasy world.
A world with only cars,
Though it does beg the question.
Er. who MADE those cars?
And how do they make BABY cars?

Cars is really under-rated if you ask me.
The most under-rated of all the Pixar movies.
And no matter what the adult film critics say,
The KIDS love this.
It's a pure, innocent FUN movie.
And the toys sell like hot cakes.
Why else would they make a CARS 2?

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