Tuesday, 11 August 2009

PIXAR WEEK: For The Colony, And For Oppressed Ants Everywhere!

A Bug's Life.
Not A Review.
Pixar movie #2.
Came out same time as some other Ant movie.
Imaginatively called ANTZ.
Well, not like A Bug's Life was a better title.
But at least it was a better MOVIE.

OK, it's not as good as the later Pixars,
It's probably the least favorite of mine.
But I'd watch it again over any other non-Pixar cartoon.
It's got un-anatomically correct ants,
A great funny buggy script,
And a great ensemble of bugs,
Best of all, they've got TUCK AND ROLL!

I love those two cheeky pill bugs.
They don't say much,
But everything they do,
Everything they say (however intelligible)
And THAT cheeky grins...
They're awesome!
They're in my top five Pixar characters EVER!

There's also a real evil bad guy.
A grasshoppper named... er... Hopper.
He's probably THE most evil bad bug in a Pixar movie EVER.
More treacherous than Stinky Pete.
More sinister than Snakey Randall.
More villainous than Super-Villain Syndrome.
More despicable than Cheating Chick Hicks.
More cruel than Toy-Destroyer Sid.

A Bug's Life may be the 'forgotten' Pixar movie,
And the animation is probably the least jaded of the ten.
But it proved that Toy Story wasn't a flash in the Pan.
The movie is funny, witty and charming,
The bloopers at the end were brilliant as well.
It's still a damn awesome movie.
One you can watch over and over again.
And one of the best Pixar lines EVER is here:
"Don't look at the light!!"
"I can't help it.. it's so BEE-YOO-TI-FUUUL

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