Friday, 14 August 2009

PIXAR WEEK: Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming Swimming Swimming...

Finding Nemo.
Not a Review.
Pixar Movie #5
My THIRD favorite Pixar movie EVER.
And probably the one that really made me a fanboy.
I must've watched this 7-8 times in the cinema alone...
And god knows how many more times on DVD.

I've never really liked Ellene DeGeneres.
But she (or rather, her voice) was BRILLIANT in Nemo.
Dory is my SECOND favorite Pixar character EVER!
There are so many brilliant quotes from her here.
In fact, ALL the best quotes are hers.
Even the whale-speak bits.
I especially love that song she sings:
Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

There are so many great characters in the movie.
The 'vegetarian' sharks, Nigel the pelican,
The school of fish who do impersonations (Ratzenberger WTF!)
The Tank Gang (HA HOO HA HI HA HO HO HO)
And of course, CRUSH the surfer dude turtle.
Voiced by Andrew Stanton himself!

About the only thing NOT so memorable were the lead characters.
But they at least provided the drama and emotion.
Which was complemented nicely,
By all the other fun characters,
And all the fun dialogue.
This movie was so much fun,
That I feel like watching it again. Like NOW.

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