Monday, 17 August 2009

PIXAR WEEK: Spoiled, Stupid Little Stick Figures With Poofy Lips!

The Incredibles.
Not A Review.
Pixar Movie #6.
My SECOND favorite one ever!
I've watched THIS one a MILLION times,
In the cinema, on DVD, in the plane...
And I NEVER get sick of it!

Yes, their powers are almost like the Fantastic Four,
Almost a rip-off, in fact.
But this movie has more heart,
And more entertainment than those two stupid live action FF movies.
And I never really liked the FF in the comics anyway.

My personal favorite part is the jungle chase.
Where the bad guys are chasing Violet and Dash.
The part where Dash runs across the water,
And then starts giggling cheekily,
Never fails to get me smiling.
And then when he and Violet combine powers.
Now THAT is one unstoppable force!

It's also got my THIRD favorite character of all,
Her monologues about capes (NO CAPES!)
Her rant to a whining Elastigirl (PULL. YOURSELF. TOGETHER!)
Her intro of the costumes (loved the little model baby crawling thru FIRE)
And the security access to her lab (EdNA Mode... and guest)
AND her description of SUPERMODELS (HAH! Nothing super about them!)
She's FARNY.

If you watch the DVD,
There's also a short animated flick called JACK JACK ATTACK!
It's about the cute little baby,
Who turns into a cute little monster when he's mad.
Go watch it, it's KIIIUUTTTT.

I only found the bad guy annoying though.
Wanted to slap him.
But other than that it's all good.
Ooooh, and Frozone's cool too!
Sam L. Jackson wtf!

Never mind Fantastic Four.
Forget Spider-man and Superman.
THIS is probably one of the most entertaining superhero movies EVER.
Except for The Dark Knight of course.
But that's a different film altogether...

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