Friday, 28 August 2009

Take An Inch and Listen For a Mile

I found out about Singaporean chick Inch Chua's new EP The Bedroom through a friend's Facebook, and promptly went over to download it. For Free.

What can I say, I'm a sucker for free music. Even though I had no idea who Inch Chua was.... Heh. I was curious about her though. I mean... her name is INCH Chua. And you know me, give me an inch, and I'll take a Meter. Heh heh. (ok lawak 20 sen. sowi.)

Anyway, I quite like her voice... very soothing and cute even, in a very Submarines kinda way. First song Rule The World starts off with a beat that seems strangely feng-tau at first, does get a little infectious after a while. Can't say I'm a big fan of the electronica flourishes though., but it's still a pretty decent song.

As for the other songs, Aqueous Oblivion my favorite in the EP. It's a nice little acoustic number, which along with the last two are also nice little indie pop-folk kinda songs.

It's not a bad EP, plus it's free for download. And for that, I vote Inch Chua's The Bedroom EP as WIN!

Go check it out people. You can download it HERE, or by clicking on the picture ON THE TOP. The bottom picture takes you to an 'Inchterview' (heh heh) with Inch which is more than a few inches long.

Ok, fine. enough measurement jokes. Hmpfff.

(Picture taken from Audioreload)

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