Wednesday, 2 September 2009

15Malaysia: One Future. No Voices.

Tan Chui Mui's One Future is up now on

I have to say, when I first saw this during the launch on the big screen, I was slightly put off by the jerky frame by frame style. But watching it again here, on a small PC screen, it seems smoother.

Can't fault the story though. Where the rest of the shorts have gone for comedy, drama, and even pretentiousness, this one is a short but nevertheless rather cool pseudo-science-fiction dystopian alternate reality Malaysia, where everyone lives in peace and harmony but are not allowed to speak.

Hey, maybe it isn't THAT alternate a reality after all...

Anyway, check it out. It's got Ida Nerina and politician Tian Chua in it too. And it's also got one heck of a subtle message (which really isn't so subtle, but you get the point).

And while you're at it, go check out the previous two shorts - The Son and Lumpur as well. I won't promise you'll LIKE them, but go support anyway lah...

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