Tuesday, 15 September 2009

F1Malaysia! Satu Dreber, Satu Kereta!

F1Malaysia! Satu Dreber, Satu Kereta!

We are now open for applications for the driver's position for 1Malaysia's very special team next season!

If you:

1) ...are Malaysian (doesn't matter which race, as long as can race),
2) ...have a drivers license (kopi-o lesen also can),
3) ...drive a Proton or Perodua (enginF1 Buatan Malaysia mar),
4) ...can drive from KL-Penang in under 2 hours (without jam),
4) ...are not Alex Yoong,

Then you are welcome to apply.

How to apply:

Very easy. Just drive as fast as you can on the North-South highway this coming balik kampung. Our highly trained professional scouts will be stationed under flyovers along the highway, armed with high-tech speed tra... er.. speed detectors which will capture your speed and technique and then report it to our equally highly trained officials stationed further down the road, who will flag you down to sama... er.. congratulate you!

If selected, all you have to do is pay the official a small fee for er.. service tax (RM50 cukup, lipat kecik kecik, yeah?) and you could be selected to be our F1Malaysia driver! Special consideration will be given to those who can do the KL-Penang trip back during balik kampung time in less than 3 hours!

So what are you waiting for! Apply now and you could be representing F1Malaysia in the F1 next season!

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