Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Jack White Falls In Love With a LEGO Girl

I'm a real sucker for cool LEGO stuff. And it don't get cooler than LEGO versions of Jack White and Iggy Pop:

These avatars are for the upcoming LEGO Rock Band game. Damn, now I REALLY want that PS3...

That Jack White really is crazy, isn't he? From White Stripes to Raconteurs to Dead Weather to Lorenna McKennit to whatever else, now he's a LEGO man. And Iggy Pop's shirtless LEGO man is a lot better looking than his real life self, I must say. Hehe.

Who next, I wonder? I'd LOVE to get my grubby hands on some actual KISS LEGO men, a LEGO Marilyn Manson, and LEGO Beatles. And I wonder if Kurt Cobain would object to being a LEGO man... heh heh.

In other news, Death Cab For Cutie writes new song for New Moon. Like Reta says, now kids are gonna think they are cool because they listened to the soundtrack. But never mind Death Cab For Cutie... what the fuck is THOM YORKE doing writing songs for that high school vampire crap?

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