Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Not exactly 9 Reasons to Watch 9

Not a review.
No no, not District 9.
And not that Nine movie with all the hot babes singing.
It's the animated feature.
That's not coming to Malaysia, BTW.
Saw this in Singapore with Fireangel.
Who didn't understand the story either.

Maybe it was the old school crappy cinema.
(note to self, don't watch movies in Shaw House Lido's Hall 6.)
(And to that idiot behind me who kept asking... "What is 9 about hah?")
After the movie we were both going HUH?
What happened? Why was it like that?
And why is the cinema so crappy?

Sure, it looks damn good, and the animation is brilliant.
But the whole movie was a bit underwhelming.
And the story a bit 'HUH?' lor.
And the voices not very memorable.
IT sounded like the actors were just reading their lines,
Without bothering to add anything to it.

Anyway, it's actually not a bad movie.
Maybe my expectations were too high.
So many good reviews mar.
It's produced by Tim Burton,
And that Timur "Night/Day Watch" Bekmambetov guy.
And has Elijah Wood, Jennier Connelly, Martin Landau,
John C. Reilly, Crispin Glover...
And oh, Christopher Plummer.
Who seems to be having some fun in CGI animations these days.

Like I said, the story was a bit 'HUH?'
Why were they created in the first place?
Why did they have to do THAT?
Why did THAT have to do THIS?
And if the 9 stitchpunks are what their creator said they are...
Then how in hell did one of them turn out to be a GIRL?

It's a fun movie though.
Not quite as clever as most reviewers have made it out to be,
But it's gorgeously animated,
And it's pretty dark and gloomy.
Probably not exactly one for the kids,
But it IS worth a watch.
Just don't expect too much.

I'd love to see the short film this is based on though.
I bet it was much better.
Especially without the cliched 'star' voices,
And without having to stretch the story to feature length.
Then again, without the movie...
I wouldn't have heard of the short film anyway.
So hurrah for the er... third best animated feature this year!

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