Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Smurf Me! More Megan's Body!

We now interrupt your regular scheduled blogging to bring you more gratuitous pictures of MEgan Fox in Jennifer's Body. Behold, the movie posters...

And if you thought THAT was hot, check out the Spanish one...

Oooh. FOXEH.

What, don't like Megan Fox? What are you, gay? (don't bother answering if you're female)

Well here are some cool... no, make that VERY cool posters for Roland Emmerich's latest ploy to destroy the world. I mean, his new film.

This last one is KILLER, I tell you. I'd LOVE to have all four hanging in my living room, though considering my apartment's past shenanigans with water, I'm not sure it'll send out a good vibe.

Anyway, there're some adaptations of anime coming our way as well, starting with the upcoming Astroboy-who-doesn't-look-Japanese:

And the adpatation of Gatchaman, also known as G-Force (NO, NOT the the one with Hamsters):

And last, but not least (well, it IS least for me, I don't know about YOU), we have a new movie on.... SMURFS.

Oh dear. What the SMURF is this???

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