Thursday, 24 September 2009

Temper Your Muse With XX Passion Pit. Trippy.

I was going through my music library the other day, and realized that I have WAY too many songs to go through. I mean, for 2009 alone, there are 3000 over songs to listen to, more than four DAYS worth.

Therefore, I've decided that the only way I can go through them was to listen to them one album at a time, and separate them by a specific genre every day. Yeah, I tend to be a bit of a stickler for this kind of organization.

Yesterday, for instance, was a Indie Rock kinda day. So my playlist had the following albums:

The Xx is a brilliant little band. Them, and The Temper Trap are probably my favorite new bands for 2009. Passion Pit is not too bad either, though I found it harder to get into. And Yo La Tengo? Like a friend of mine said, the sum of the age of the three bands mentioned above would still not be as old as Yo La Tengo... And they haven't disappointed yet. Don't dig the 13 minutes songs though, guys...

Today, it's a 90's Rock kinda day.

Pearl Jam's new one Backspacer is pretty decent stuff. Not groundbreaking, but it's still easier to get into than their last one, which I totally don't remember at all. Alice In Chains? Can't really tell yet. I'll tell you when I've heard more of it. Third Eye Blind is decent stuff too, but still a lesser shadow of its Semi-Charmed Life days. Ditto Our Lady Peace. Nothing very memorable, really...

Maybe tomorrow, I'll do a Brit Rock kinda day, since I've got the new Muse, Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian and Jarvis Cocker mucking around the iPod. Might even throw in a little Mika... ok, maybe not.

Muse's The Resistance is one great album. Matt Bellamy seems to have gone more Freddie Mercury than usual this time round, one song even sounds a bit like Bohemian Rhapsody. Kasabian's songs here actually sound better than they were live, to tell the truth, though I may have been too tired to enjoy them at the MTV World Stage then. Arctic Monkeys? Great album too. Cornerstone is one of the best songs of the YEAR. And Jarvis Cocker... I'll tell you when I listen to it again tomorrow k? haha.

BTW, I was trying out something yesterday. This is seriously trippy:

1) Sort your iTunes songs according to 'Time'
2) Starting with the song with the SHORTEST time, start playing the playlist IN SEQUENCE.
3) Doesn't matter how short it is, or what it is, just play EVERYTHING in sequence.

This makes for a really trippy listening experience. Within the five minutes, I had Homer Simpson singing Spider Pig, the Theme frome Life, some voice-overs, some weird Janet Jackson interludes, Eminem cussing, and some weird instrumental shit from the likes of Beirut and Sufjan Stevens.

Once you get to the one minute and above 'songs', the actual songs start comign in, but everything before that is just serious weird shit.

Yes, I have too much time and too many mp3s. So sue me.

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