Friday, 9 October 2009

Backspacer is A Pearl of a Jam

I have to say, this was utterly unexpected. I actually liked Pearl Jam's latest album - Backspacer. Why unexpected? Because I wasn't very impressed with Pearl Jam's past few albums, and beyond a couple of songs, I can't remember anything they released after... Yield (which was almost TEN YEARS ago).

Backspacer is great though. Not in the league of Ten or Vs., of course, but at least it's got some great songs, and Eddie Vedder actually doesn't sound as angsty and moody as he used to.

My favorite on the album has got to be Force Of Nature. I can't seem to get it out of my head, for some reason. The chorus was what caught my attention first - melodic, soaring, and utterly singable, for a Pearl Jam song, no less. then as I looped it over and over again, the verses got me and the song just kept getting stuck in my head... all DAY. Definitely one of my favorite Pearl Jam songs... EVER. And it doesn't even sound like a song Pearl Jam would come up with...

Other songs on the album I liked are the fun Johnny Guitar, the folksy Just Breathe, and the pretty cool Unthought Known. Everything else other than that... I can't remember. Because when I try to remember how those songs go, the chorus for Force of Nature keeps taking over. Now that REALLY is a Force of Nature indeed...

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