Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Cheapass But Kickass! Mari Bertumpang Glamour!

(Yes, I'm really late with this post. But think of it as a precursor to the NEXT MTG... :p)

Malam Tumpang Glamour.
Not a Review.
Not a promo either.
It was the best of parties,
It WASN'T the worse of parties.
but one thing is for sure...
It was a CHEAPASS party,
And it also a KICKASS party.
Thanks to Inked Tattoo Studio!

Why did we have it?
Because partying in KL is FREAKING EXPENSIVE, that's why.
The booze costs a bomb,
There's always a stupid COVER CHARGE,
The people are dumb and pretentious,
And the music SUCKS (most of the time).

That's why we decided to start our OWN parties.
And call ourselves Syarikat Tumpang Glamour.
(Because well... we tumpang other parties' glamour mar)
DJ Glamour (The Glamour Queen. Makes Pagoda T-shirts look sexy)
DJ Tumpang (The Tumpang King. Gets more lucid when drunk)
DJ No. 13. (Princess of The Smoker's Stairwell)
DJ Mata Mata (Prince of Pointless Lucky Draws)

Our party concept was simple: Cheapass but Kickass.
No one pays stupid cover charge... only ONE RINGGIT
(We got RM76 that night, all went to Furry Friends Farm)
No freaking DRESS CODE
(Wear anything you want. Just follow our theme of the night...)
Booze is either CHEAP or FREE.
(You were also free to bring your own. NO corkage charges)
The music had NO HITZ FM CRAP.
(We played our own music from an iPod wtf)

Our FIRST Malam Tumpang Glamour was AWESOME.
BOOZE (thank you Tiger beer and people who BYOB'd!)
BASS (pounding and happening, thanks to Hi-Volt & DJ Cinta)
BABES (some of whom were dancing on the pool table)
BOYS (who unfortunately outnumbered the babes. Bah)
BRAWLS (in the rain, no lest)
BLOOD (Long story involving a wuss, 2 cars, and some gangsters)

There was a lucky draw.
Suanie got a Twilight T-Shirt!
Kimberlycun got SMASHED! (Er. after one Tiger).
ShaolinTiger was there with EmoCharlie!
KYSpeaks was skulking in the Smoker's Stairwell!
MyHorng and Rachel came with moustaches!

So that's it for Malam Tumpang Glamour.
Our next party is coming up.
What where who when how?
We have the date.
We (almost) have the place.
Now we need le booze.
Stay tuned.
Want an invite?
You gotta be our FRIEND first....

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