Monday, 19 October 2009

The Hell With Beyoncé. Bring PEARL JAM PLEASE.

Today, there was a flurry of Tweets complaining about Beyoncé cancelling her concert in KL, and going to Indonesia instead. Based on THIS report, apparently.

ALLO, PEOPLE. Read the date line on that report. That story was published in 2007 lar. Get your facts straight before jumping the gun can or not?

However, apparently there IS gonna be an 'important announcement' tomorrow regarding the concert schedule, so I wouldn't be surprised if it IS postponed (in the same way Rihanna was 'postponed' as well. eheh.)

(Update: yup, it's definitely 'postponed'. Eheh. Official statement HERE)

Truth be told, I couldn't care less about Beyoncé coming to KL. In fact, I haven't been keeping my hopes up that any band or act I want to see will EVER come to Malaysia. less anxiety that way, and no risk of getting my hopes up only to be dashed to pieces. It's probably more profitable for them to go to Singapore anyway, and them Sillyporeans can afford to pay a lot more than we can for the acts.

But for all it's worth, here's a little list of some acts you MAY or MAY NOT get to see in the next three months. I'm obviously keeping my fingers crossed for Pearl Jam here (I've already bought my Green Day mosh pit tickets, BTW. MUAHAHA), but I ain't holding my breath, really.

- Buzzcocks
: 8 November 2009, KL (CONFIRMED)
- Pearl Jam: November 2009, KL (MAYBE)
- Moby: 11 January 2010, KL (MAYBE)
- Cat Power: 13 January 2010, Singapore (CONFIRMED)
- Green Day: 14 January 2010, Singapore (CONFRMED)
- Andrew Bird: 26 Janary 2010, Singapore (CONFIRMED)
- Belle & Sebastian: January 2010, Singapore (MAYBE)

Damn, if all these REALLY happen, I'm gonna go broke before February 2010...

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