Thursday, 1 October 2009

How to NOT Spend Too Much Money at the Penguin Warehouse Sale

Yes people, there's ANOTHER Penguin Books Warehouse Sale, and it runs from tomorrow (2/10) to 11 October, 10am-7pm.

Here's the address and map to the sale:

Now, if you recall the LAST time I went for the sale, I spent a bit too much then. I'm a sucker for book warehouse sales, ok?

So... how do you avoid spending TOO MUCH this time around? WEll, the answer is simple....


No, really. Don't go. Not unless you want to get sucked into a vortex of cheap books you cannot resist and end up buying books you know you don't need but MUST HAVE ANYWAY BECAUSE IT IS SO CHEAP AAARRRGGHHH!!!!

*pant pant pant*

I was there for 30 minutes today (it was the media preview MUAHAHAHA), and suffice to say, I bought quite a bit. And I haven't even gone through the paperback novel section yet...

I bought:
  • The Vertigo Encyclopedia (RM24)
  • Marvel Chronicle: A Year by Year History (RM60)
  • Zits & Dilbert collections for RM12 and RM15 respectively
  • Jamie Oliver's Naked Chef series (three books, RM30 each)
  • M Is For Magic by Neil Gaiman (RM15)
  • 2 Eoin Colfer books for RM10 each
  • Roald Dahl's The Fantastic Mr. Fox for RM10
  • 101 Ways to Kill Your Boss (RM8)
Thank god there wasn't any comics there or I'd be broke even before the month began. And I didn't even go through the fiction novels side yet...

What else did I see there?
  • DK Visual Guides for Star Wars, DC and Marvel going for RM20-30
  • A huge ass Bob Dylan hardcover book containing lyrics to ALL his songs for RM50
  • Neil Gaiman's Coraline, Stardust, Mr. Punch, Me Is For Magic
  • Loads of Roald Dahl, Terry Brooks, Eoin Colfer, Susan Cooper (including the ENTIRE The Dark Is Rising Sequence for RM15 each), er...
  • The Twilight and Harry Potter books,
And way too many things to list down here.

The sale starts at 10am onwards, people. If you want to save money... DON'T GO! Else, don't say I didn't warn ya...

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