Thursday, 29 October 2009

Is That It, This Is It?

This Is It.
Not a review.
Is That It?
Yes, That's It, folks.
I expected something more.
But this'll do, I guess.

Holy cow that would have been one ballbusting motherfucking awesome concert.
The dancing was fucking brilliant
There's 3D movies, fire, even a fucking BULLDOZER.
His voice was still great too,
Sounds exactly like on the CD.

The best parts wasn't the dancing or the singing.
It was watching him being himself,
Smiling shyly while others praise him,
Standing gingerly on the cherry picker,
Trying to make the music director understand him,
His voice as he gave instructions mid-song,
And all the funny little eccentricities that made him... HIM

Because This Is It ain't about the music.
(It's not like you haven't heard the songs a million times already.)
It ain't about the dancing.
(Though even at 50 that dude could DANCE)
It wasn't about the nostalgia,
(though Man In the Mirror really got to me)
It ain't even about the concert itself.
(Though judging from this footage it would have been AWESOME)

No, This Is It is about the man.
The MJ behind the cameras,
The MJ behind the face masks,
The MJ behind the front he always puts up in public.
This was the REAL Michael Jackson.
You wanted to catch a glimpse of what he was really like?
Well, This Is It.

Rest in Peace, MJ.

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