Thursday, 8 October 2009

Kate Strips in the Cold and White

Not a review.
It's a cool movie.
No wait a minute.
I mean... it's a COLD movie.
(It's set in the Antarctica, what did ya expect?)
IT was so COLD that I was practically FREEZING in the cinema.
Or maybe that was just the air-con.

Whiteout was also really white.
Not just that all the actors were white.
Oh wait there was ONE non-white.
Other than that, EVERYTHING was white.
There was hardly any color at all.
Even Kate Beckinsale's underwear was white
Oh yeah, it's got Kate Beckinsale.
(Who was the reason I went to watch this in the first place)

You gotta love a movie that has Kate Beckinsale,
AND has her stripping down to her undies,
Bending over to show off her er.. behind,
Before taking off her top (kenot see anything lah)
And going for a shower.
All within the FIRST TEN MINUTES.
(not much of a Cleavage Rating)
(But the er.. Behind Rating was way off the scale)

Other than that, nothing else to report.
Except that it was cold,
It was white,
And it had Kate Beckinsale stripping.
Story? Just a so so thriller/whodunnit
Not THAT thrilling actually.
And I guessed whodunnit from a mile away.
I think I'll go read the graphic novel instead.

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