Tuesday, 20 October 2009

An Ode To Absolut Love

(pictures taken from Terence and Suanie)

Wow! An event with lots of vodka in glasses!
We called, "Suanie, Suanie, I can has passes?"
"Absolut-ly, Absolut-ly," she said on her Twitter,
Thus sending our alcoholic hearts a-flutter.

So off we went to the RogueArt Gallery,
Where we met the Blogger who's always Thirsty
We gazed at some art on the way to the bar,
And started drinking a lot of vodka.

Elfie went to drink and relieve stress,
Reta showed off her new backless dress.
Kimberly drank some and started to stagger,
Shaolintiger had to drive home without supper.

After that we went for supper in Jalan Alor,
TerenceG ordered for a party of forty-four
Most of the chicken wings were left untouched,
So I tah pau back for the next day's lunch.

In case you were wondering what the event was,
They launched Absolut Love, that was the cause.
We all drank vodka and had lots of fun,
Plenty of Absolut Love for each and everyone!

Because if we lived in an Absolut World,
Then good vodka will always be available.
In small bottles or huge-ass giant ones,
It don't matter as long as we all get some.

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