Monday, 12 October 2009

Rainy With a Chance of Bah Kut Teh

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs.
Not a review.
Not really a buffet dinner either.
It's more like a light snack.
Or a power lunch.
Or a sandwich on the go.
With coffee on the side.

Yeah, it's a mindless appetizer.
Best taken with a pinch of salt.
Don't go in hungry though,
Or you'll come out craving spaghetti.
Or then again, maybe you won't.
After the food overload here
I didn't feel like eating spaghetti, meatballs or hot dogs.

I'd love it to be rainy with a chance of bah kut teh though.
Or windy with a chance of char koay teow
Or hey, what about sunny side up with a chance of indomie Goreng?
Then again Malaysian food falling from the sky would be weird.
Can you REALLY imagine it raining bah kut teh?
Haiyor so tak halal.
Even the RAIN would get banned then.

Or worse, durian falling from the sky.
Imagine how many people would be killed.
Or banana leaf rice falling from the sky.
The curry stains would be HELL to remove.
And nasi lemak from the sky would be damn gross.
And the leftovers? Wahlau, it'll STINK like hell man.

Oh, and the 'talking' monkey.
Sorry guys, it's been done before.
And Pixar did the 'animal with talking device' thing WAY better,
Even the food doesn't look as good as Ratatouille's
And what's with all the people having such BIG EYES?
It's a bit American-ny too.
And there are a lot of food puns, obviously.
It depends on how you like your sense of humour served I guess.

Ok ok, it's fun.
And not too heavy.
Like I said, it's a mindless appetizer.
It's a light snack you watch to isi perut.
If you want a really gourmet meal, go watch Up.
If you want fast food, go watch this.

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