Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Will This Really Be It?

Michael Jackson's final flourish - This Is It - opens in cinema tomorrow, and apparently over 20,000 tickets have been sold in the two weeks since advance booking was opened, 10,000 of which were sold on the very first day itself.

Whether the concert/documentary of MJ's final concert rehersals will live up to all the hype remains to be seen. For most of us (yes, including myself) who have never been to his concerts (no, I missed the 1996 concert in KL. sighhhh), this may be our last chance to see him in action. And I would much rather watch this on the big screen than on the little TV.

Will this be the last we'll hear from MJ? Will this really be it? I doubt it. I'm betting that the record label is already greedily remastering, reissuing, re-whatevering his albums, and plan to come up with compilation after compilation or throw together some old demos to make new 'albums' and what not, just to milk as much money out of his popularity as possible, like what they're doing here, and with the new single, This Is It.

If you ask me, the song itself is nothing much to shout about. It's at best, a decent love song, but surely nothing close to his best work (it's only HALF his best work, actually. The other half belongs to Paul Anka...).

I'll be watching This Is It tomorrow night. Movie not review to follow after that. :-D

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