Monday, 2 November 2009

Introducing... The Dirty Tortoise!

Maybe it was the beer. Maybe it was spending two days straight listening to Neil Gaiman talk about writing, and interviewing other authors at the Singapore Writer's Fest.

Whatever the reason, it 'inspired' me to give NaNoWriMo another chance. So, at the very last minute, I signed up for the mad 50000 words in 30 day challenge once again.

This time, I might actually have a chance of finishing it. My story this time round is based on something my father made up years ago when I was a child and hankering for bedtime stories. My dad made up stories about a dirty tortoise named, well, Dirty Tortoise, who lived in a drain in the Temerloh wet market. While I don't remember the exact stories he used to tell me, I figured I'll just take the main character, and go from there.

My plan is just to come up with a location, a bunch of characters and then just wing it till the 50000 words or the deadline, whichever comes first. It's probably gonna be like Walter Moer's books where I make up anything and everything, so it's gonan be a little haphazard and crazy. That's gotta make it easier to get out of holes I find myself in later on in the story too, I hope. heh heh.

Anyway, so far, so good, I've got more than 3000 words on the first day, with 2000+ in the proper narrative and the other thousand reserved for later chapters.

If you wanna see how the story is turning out, you can check out this blog I set up: The Dirty Tortoise, to read the chapters I've finished. As of now, there are two chapters of rambling and hardly any dialogue, but hey, it IS a work in progress after all.

I set up the blog for two reasons - I wanted some feedback on the story (feel free to criticize or heckle me), and I also want to FORCE myself to finish NanoWrimo this time. I figure if people start reading it and pestering me to keep writing (or stop, whichever comes first), then I'll be more motivated to finish the damn thing.

Anyway, that's the story of how Dirty Tortoise came about. Now on to Chapter Three! WHEE!

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