Thursday, 3 December 2009

Absolut Kayu Emcee

This was what happened at the Absolute Love launch two months ago:

And this was what happened last month at the Absolute Love finale at Frangipani:

Don't ask.

Those damn stickers were supposed to win me a prize, dammit. Everyone was given a piece of paper with all the stickers on them, and idea was that you were supposed to collect them and the one with THE MOST stickers would win something, which was a bottle of Absolute vodka.

Mana tau the KAYU emcee went and announce that the FIRST PERSON to go up to him WITH THE MOST STICKERS would win, which is the STUPIDEST THING I've ever heard, because it means that if you had just fucking ONE sticker and went up to him FIRST, you would win.

In the end, some idiot with what, 20 stickers won because he WAS THERE FIRST, and even when I stood next to them and everyone could clearly see I had the MOST stickers, the KAYU emcee said, sorry dude, you should have been here FIRST.


That gross injustice aside, it was a pretty good night with lots of freeflow vodka cocktails. ShaolinTiger, Kimberlycun, Elfie, Rachel, Deep, God, and Suanie were all there (WHO CARES ABOUT KY??!!??)

(with le Suan and le GF)

There was even this cool wall with arms that hugged (or grope/fondle/molested) you as you came in. And look, the Syarikat Tumpang Glamour took a picture with it!

(Reta, I photoshop the 'exposed' part oledi. hahaha)

Oh well, at least we had fun. And the stickers made for some crazy pictures indeed. Here's me pretending to be a drunk Chinese vampire, complete with sticker on forehead:

(picture from

One thing is for sure though. You won't catch me doing this sort of thing without having a couplea vodkas already swishing in my tummy and messing up my head.

I can has more vodka?