Thursday, 17 December 2009

It's Finally Convenient For Malaysians To Watch the Kings Live!

Ah, finally. After agonising over all the good acts going over to Singapore instead of coming here, we finally have some good news at last.

Yup, the Kings of Convenience are coming to KL!

The news broke on Twilight Actiongirl's Twitter, which said:

Kings of Convenience live in KL, March 21 @ Bentley Music Audiotorium, thanks to the good folks at Soundscape Records

YAAAAY! Now it will be convenient for us to go watch them now! And At least I don't have to fork out a fortune to go watch them this time. Double YAAAAY!

Their newest album - Declaration of Dependence - is pretty good. A bit predictable at times, and a bit sleep inducing if you're really tired, but it's nice soothing acoustic fare to relax to.

There ARE some gems in there. The Boat Behind is an old favorite from their live shows, Mrs. Cold is nice, and so's 24/25. And interestingly enough, they have a song called Riot on An Empty Street, which is the title of their last album. Will they have a song called Declaration of Dependence in their next album then?

Oh, and unlike their last albums, Declaration of Dependence is actually available in local music stores. I got mine in Rock Corner, and I saw it in Music Valley as well.

PS. Tickets for Singapore's Mosaic Music Festival are also on sale now. So if you wana go catch Dinosaur Jr., 65daysofstatic, St. Vincent and The Go Team in action, you better go get your tickets NOW!

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